Your Wedding Day is a special time and you’ll want to remember every nuance!  Photographs are important, but can’t get close to the feeling of actually watching it in High Quality Full Motion! Imagine hearing the laughter and joy along with the atmosphere in the above photo!  You can have all of that with professional videography!

There really is NOTHING like video to tell the whole story.  Whether you need to advertise your business, it’s your wedding day, or a special event you’d like to remember, a professionally produced video will put the viewer right in the middle of things and let them feel like they are actually there.  Plus, it gives you an awesome tool for social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook.  Instantly allowing you to share with potential clients or family and friends in High Quality Motion!

My name is Tony Brittan.  Those who know me from my 16+ years as a radio DJ know me as ‘Kramer’.  One of the reasons I started working in video production is because I’ve always considered myself a Social Anthropologist.  I love to study


people!  Radio offered me the opportunity to move across the country and experience different ways of life from San Diego, to Las Vegas, to Memphis, New Jersey, New York and more.  After living in Paradise on The Outer Banks Of North Carolina, I moved away for one year and realized how much I missed this wonderful place so I had to come back!  I love how people interact, emote and affect each other and I’ve always looked for ways to document it.  I spent the last 7 years of my radio career working with video, for the shows I did, so I could share the visual with my audience.  After attending school at Soho Editors in New York City, I became an Apple Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro...the same system they now use for Hollywood productions such as the Oscar Winning “No Country For Old Men”.  You won’t find many people who do what I do who are actually certified.  What does that mean to you?  It means that I know the editing software, inside and out, allowing me to get the most out of it, while producing the highest possible quality for your video. 

This is a small business because I like it that way!  I offer services from commercial production, wedding packages, corporate and educational videos where I will write the copy, voice over, shoot and do post production!  Examples of some my work are available on the Demos link at the top of this page.

If You’re looking to have your Wedding on The Outer Banks, I’ve got you covered!  If you’re a video production company and have a need for freelance editing I can help there too!  I absolutely LOVE working in the edit bay.  That’s where you can be most creative!  Thank you for taking the time drop by my site!

Having Your Wedding on The Outer Banks?  We specialize in Outer Banks Wedding Videography!  Book early as Outer Banks Wedding Video dates fill up fast.  Contact us now to lock your date in!

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